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SSL - Secure Digital Certificate - Personal Version

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What is a Personal Email Certificate? 
A Thawte Personal Email Certificate allows you to digitally sign and encrypt your emails absolutely FREE. 

Why do I need a Personal Email Certificate?

Thawte's Personal E-mail Certificates can be used to:

Secure e-mail - you can use your Thawte Personal Email Certificate to digitally sign your e-mail communications so that people know the mail came from you. You can use your Thawte Personal Email Certificate to encrypt your e-mail communications to prevent unauthorized people from reading them.

Authentication to Web servers - most modern Web browsers allow you to use a Personal Email Certificate from Thawte to authenticate yourself to a Web server. Certificate-based authentication is much stronger and more secure than password-based authentication. 

What's in it for me?

Securing your e-mail communications has never been easier. A brief and simple registration process allows you to enjoy the benefits of Thawte's Personal Certification System, the only system of its kind that is absolutely FREE.

Based on sophisticated technology, our Personal Certification System allows you to sign and encrypt all your personal and business e-mails

Why choose a Thawte Personal Email Certificate?

Thawte's Personal Email Certificates are absolutely FREE. What's more, with Thawte's innovative Web of Trust community, in which existing members act as 'notaries', you get the opportunity to add more than your name to your certificate as you earn 'trust points' over time. 
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