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SSL - Secure Digital Certificate - Overview

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What is a SuperCert?

The firm handshake of trust offered by Thawte's Web Server Certificate is enhanced by our 128-Bit SuperCert, which allows you to enjoy the strongest possible online security for communications among 'international browsers' still in use today. 

By unleashing the full protection of your SSL-enabled server, a SuperCert from Thawte will allow you to extend 128-bit encryption to all your clients, even if they use browsers limited to 40-bit or 56-bit encryption capabilities. 

Why do I need a SuperCert?

All browsers are not created equal, and in the past browser versions developed for export from the US were not automatically enabled to use 128-bit encryption. These browsers used 40-bit or 56-bit encryption, which is much more vulnerable to the interception of information while in transit.

A substantial number of these browsers are still in use today, even within the United States. This means that a sizable portion of your international customer base may be unable to enjoy the benefits of 128-bit encryption. Thawte's SuperCert solution allows you to provide all of your customers with the strongest possible encryption on the web. 

What's in it for me?

Your international customer base will be able to exchange information with you in the most secure environment imaginable since Thawte's SuperCert allows browsers limited to 40-bit and 56-bit encryption to step up to 128-bit encryption. 

With Thawte's SuperCert, based on SSL, the leading security protocol on the Internet, you can rest assured that all information exchanged between you and your customers will be secure during transmission.

Why choose Thawte's SuperCert?

Of all the 128-bit certificates available, Thawte's SuperCert offers the widest possible software compatibility for 128-bit step-up technology in Web browsers and servers.

Thawte's certification practices are of the highest standard. We believe that excellent authentication and verification procedures are absolutely essential in order to ensure trust on the Internet. As a truly international organization in the best sense, Thawte takes great pride in its world-beating solutions.
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