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Service is our business! Here are a few of our latest clients and what they said 
about our team effort to launch their web site

After months of trying to create a website for our studio, I finally contacted Ann Sanborn for professional help. Ann spent weeks with me on the telephone and through email creating the final design and walking me through the steps to keep it up to date and work with the shopping cart. The site has been so successful that it more then pays for itself, we have excellent exposure, and have received wonderful reviews from our customers. Six months later I am still receiving hands on help and input from Ann. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with such a professional and talented company!

Barbara Svetlick,
River of Glass Studio

River of Glass

River of Glass Studio


Ashbury Glass Studio"Thanks again for all you've done; the website's getting great reviews!  Sharon, Ashbury Glass Studio
The first few comment were:
- very elegant (super, this is just what we were hoping for)

- love the colors, they really set off the art (again, we thought the same thing, you particularly did well on the framing)

- it's awesome; I LOVE it! (guess this one needs no comment!)

Ashbury Glass Studio

Ashbury Glass

"Dear Ann, Thank you for your help. You are making this web site possible, something I have wanted to do for years, but didn't know how to begin."  Mary  Peepers

Stained Glass

Peepers Stained Glass

"You are too fast...I was just going over what we have and bang, there was the text! Thank you so much for your help and patience!" Paulette  Lazano's Glass Haus

Lazano's Glass Haus

Lizano's Glass Haus

"My website has already had an impact on my business. I don't have a lot of links to it yet but will have one from the phone company's online yellow pages beginning the first of the month. It is generating business without the links so far. If I get a call from someone wanting to know if I can do what they want I just refer them right to the website. Two calls like that generated $1700 in orders this past week. It can only get better!"  Del 

A Reflection In Glass

A Reflection in Glass

"I want to tell you how much I appreciate your willingness to work with me to tweak my new website. You have made the process of design and implementation as easy as possible for us non-techies. I especially appreciate your patience in answering questions without making me feel like an idiot. 

Thanks for all your help!" Kathy,
A Peace of Glass  

A Peace of Glass

A Peace of Glass

"Sanborn Web Designs consistently delivers on their promises! Not only are they extremely helpful on the technical side, but invaluable in supplying input regarding design and layout of the site.  We have always found them to be a pleasure to work with. We would and have recommended them highly to other customers.  We would be extremely happy to be a reference for Sanborn Web Designs.

Ann, Thanks for all the hard work so far form both of you. Site is moved and is operational. NO DOWN TIME! We are pleased. 
Sincerely, Rick RDDS, Inc.", 

Just for Fun Stamps

"Thanks for all your help on the website! I have shown to several of my friends that hadn't seen it yet and they think it's pretty great. THANK YOU!" Nicki, Art Glass Creations   

Art Glass Creations
Art Glass OKC

"Thank you for all your help. I do continue to get positive feedback on my website. This pleases me, and I am very pleased with what you have done for me. I'm sure you know that you are on the right track with your business. Mine is just one of many affirmations."  Joseph, Joseph 2 Bears

Joseph 2 Bears

Joseph 2 Bears

"Thank you again for your patience deserve lots of praise, and we are singing it here at Our Glass Garden." 
Linda & Diann 

Our Glass Garden

Our Glass Garden

"Thanks for responding so quickly. I like the personal touch! In addition to being an artist yourself, you're an entrepreneur --very savvy. I like YOU already, so let's talk."  Maria

"PS: Maria sent an email to family and friends telling them to check it out and everyone raved about how professional it looks...Three of them individually expressed themselves as 'speechless'. Thanks!" Howard, Renaissance Glass Works

Glass Works

Renaissance Glassworks

We regularly add more helpful and informative instructions and tips in our "Know How" section of our web site. We built it just for you to make it easier to master your technology. It is our mission to help everyone be knowledgeable on technology and the Internet. So stop by frequently to see our additions. 
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