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Regular PC tune-ups = Performance!

Do you feel the need for speed or just want the darn thing to act properly? Perhaps it is just because you have not been giving your PC what it needs.

Check out these important items:

  • Windows Updates
  • Deleting Cached or Regular Files

    There are plenty of places to check:

    - Right click on your C:/ drive, Select Disk cleanup
    - Use File Manager and find your Cookies Directory in 
    _\Windows.  Delete Cookies over 6 months old.
    - Right click, Start, select Find, type in *.tmp and choose
    _Look in: C:/Temp.  Delete these files.
  • Hard Drive: Defrag and Error Check
    Right click on C:/ , Select Properties, Tools, Error Check, Automatic AND then Select Defrag Now but make sure you have turned off your screen saver or set it up to a few hours before it turns on.
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