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Domain Name Management
There are a few basic rules when it comes to managing one or many domain names.

Suggested Guidelines:

  • Domain Name Portals: Keep all your domain names with one registrar. If you buy new ones at a different registrar, wait the require 60 days and transfer it to manage with the others.
  • Pricing: There are many registrars to choose from and the big providers like Network Solutions are not necessary the easiest to work with and definitely not the cheapest at $35/year registrations. (Here at Sanborn Web Designs we charge $16.95/year and provide a domain name portal to allow you to manage multiple domain names at a reasonable price)
  • Multiple Domain Names: Unless you are trying to protect your company name by purchasing all the domain names with a new extensions such as .Net, .Org, .Biz etc., stop and determine what purpose a domain name will serve you. If it is just going to sit and you are not going to use it, then don't buy it.
  • Contact Information: This is a really important tip. Make sure that you:
    • Keep a current email address on your domain name contact
    • NEVER let you technical support people or office personal be the Administrative contact for your domain name. If you control the Administrative contact, then you control what happens to the domain name and will be emailed any changes that the Technical or Billing contacts make on your domain name.
    • Make sure ALL of the contact information is accurate and if not take measures with the registrar to get it updated.
  • Renewals: Each registrar should send you a renewal notice but it is very important for you to keep track of your expiration dates. One more reason why it is best to have all your domain names at one registrar under a domain name portal so when you login you will see all of your domain name and keep better informed of renewal dates.
  • Parking-URL Forwarding: If you are not going to use a domain name then make sure you are Parking with at least a one page web page that has your company information on it to take advantage of some free marketing. If you use URL forwarding on a domain name that is not being used then you can direct all the domain names to point at your existing web site and they buy keep traffic coming to you. (We provide Parking and URL Forwarding through our Sanborn Web Designs Domain Name services)
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