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Search Engine Promotions:

Promoting your web site should be an important part of a company's marketing strategy and combined traditional and internet marketing. _We have found this one, two punch approach will increase your success far better than just an online promotion alone.

Making your great web site of value to your business must include proper optimization and regular submission to correct search engines and directories to help people find it!

We offer 2 different 12 month submissions solutions:

       We Prepare You Website 
         and Perform all Submissions
Do It Yourself
  • Keyword Density analysis and recommendations base upon competitor site analysis
  • Optimization of one key page and search engine ready up to 10 other pages. (more at a small additional fee)
  • 12 Monthly Submissions to 50 of the Top Search Engines and Directories
  • Submission to Open Directory, Inkotomi and Mamma Directories.
With Traffic Blazer, you can prepare, analyze, optimize and submit your Web pages to 50 key search engines  and directories whenever you want until your subscription expires in 12 months.
This means you will also get:
  • Far greater submission exposure than our "Do It Your Self Solution"

  • You get the advantage of our years of experience and we work with you to target you placements to go head to head with your specific competitors.

  • The submission to Open Directory powers the core directory services for the Web's largest and most popular search engines and portals, including Netscape Search, AOL Search, Google, Lycos, HotBot, DirectHit, and hundreds of others including all of the Inkotomi submission listings.

  • An additional Top 10 Search Engine Nielsen NetRatings returning results with over 30,000,000 searches per month

  • Top Media Metrix 500 Companies reaching over 7,000,000 unique users per month.

  • Access to over 13,000 third party websites and over 100 major strategic alliances.

Our tools will explain 
Site Analysis, Search Engine Requirements,
Site Optimization and then you apply the updates your own web pages.  
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