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DEMOS: Photo Gallery Calendar  Web site Admin

We want to make it easy for you to have a web site and be able to maintain it with basic computer skills and no stress!  Make sure you look at the example of our web site Administration below.

Once you have signed up we will send you the step by step instructions on how to:

  • Prepare the text for your web pages
  • How to prepare and load up the photos to your web site
  • How to update your calendar
  • How to send out email to you newsletter members and the newsletter sign up will be activated on your web site.

What does this all mean?  You can do all of these things from a current version of an Internet browser on most any computer as long as you remember your login/password. 

No more excuses not to take care of your web site if you are traveling or away from your work computer! 

Web site Add-On Demos



Photo Gallery Style 1 Demo

Without Descriptions
Photos 400 pixels wide

Photo Gallery Style 2 Demo

With Descriptions and Categories Photos are 300 pixels wide


Calendar/Events Demo

View the information by day, month or year. 
Web site Administration: EASY from a browser:

Step 1: Login                    
        Step 2: Pick Admin Area
 Step 3: Photo Admin
Step 4: Photo selection, then Modify descriptions
 Step 5: Photo Category Editing
Step 6: Photo Upload

OR  Step 3: Calendar  Admin

Step 4: Calendar Events Modification
Step 5: Calendar Announcement Modification

 Step 5: Calendar Announcement Modification


 * Note:  A 12 month hosting commitment is required. At the end of 12 months you own your web site and newsletter function (if option is selected). Of course we hope you will stay with our affordable price hosting and new features that will be updated regularly.  The Photo Gallery and Calendar features are transferable/renewable at the end of 12 months.
* Note: We will provide you with instructions on photo preparation but if these are not followed, Sanborn Web Designs can not be accountable for slow loading photos that are not optimized properly. We do offer services to optimize photos for the web for those who can not or do not want to spend the time on this duty.
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